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Bail Bond Application

North Country Bail Bonds, LLC prides itself on providing prompt, courteous, professional bail bond services to the citizens of Upstate New York and their families while fully complying with the provisions of the laws of the State of New York and procedures of the Courts of the State of New York. The amount charged for a bail bond is a percentage of the total bond amount. The rates start at 10% for smaller bonds and decrease as the amount of the bonds increase. For a free consultation on the bail bond process, call 518-788-2953 or 518-361-1039 and a licensed bail bond agent will be happy to discuss the exact amount necessary to secure the release of your family member. Fill out our application to get your loved one home safe.

Why Use a Bail Bondsman?

When a person is arrested, the judge usually sets bail in two amounts: One amount for cash bail and another amount for bail bond. For example, a person charged with a crime may have a cash bail of $5,000.00 and a bail bond of $10,000.00. If the defendant’s family has immediate access to $5,000.00 in cash, they can secure the defendant’s release by depositing the $5,000.00 in cash at the jail and the defendant will be released. However, if the family does not have $5,000.00 available, a bail bondsman can secure the release of a family member with payment of a much lesser amount, depending upon the amount of the bond, starting at 10% of the bond amount for smaller bonds and 6% of the bond amount for larger bonds. Simply put, using a bail bondsman is a way of getting a loved one home while the case is pending when a family can’t afford the full amount of the cash bail. Fill out an application below to get your loved one home safe.


Please enter as much information as possible, as this information is necessary in the preparation of the paperwork that is needed for the court. Rest assured that this information will be submited securely to our licensed bail agents and used for the sole purpose of facilitating the defendant's release.

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